Spoken Word/Poetry Hrsh Reyalitee- ‘Real reason for a Breakthrough’ (Audio) ðŸ§¨ðŸ¦¾

We are locked in! The Weirdose Podcast is going wild but we seek balance so we bring the Poems and the bars because it’s more than one way to say…The Most High is in Charge. Thank You For Your Continued support! The video for this poem is in the making; I really can not wait to share it with you. Remember to take it easy today, don’t be too busy to make time for rest and creativity. Sometimes Creativity is just keeping your mind, and let the Most High Creator blow your mind. We often believe that we have the capacity and ability to do everything ourselves. I learned a few years ago to let go and let your needs be met by your true and honest love for creating what will bring love and respect to yourself and everyone around you. Much Love! I can’t thank you all enough for supporting the Podcasts! You are amazing, and you keep being amazing it is so impressive <3.

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