Learn Our Story. Welcome To Yeezy Taught Me #YeezyTaughtMe


“We Still Alive…”  Kanye West

In order to know where you’re going, you must know where you’ve been. Please use this as a guide to help you learn about the trail blazers of Poetry and Black History. A full explanation of this section is below the names of Elite STREET POETS:


Click on the names of a ELITE STREET POETS listed above to read more about them. Please email us at fbmtsociety@gmail.com subject line: Yeezy Taught Me to add other famous known or unknown leaders that we all should know and that you’d like to learn about and enjoy!

“I don’t even want the credit for this, Family. If anybody asked where you learned about great Leaders and Artists…. Yeezy Taught You”

Explanation of ” #YeezyTaughtMe:
I don’t know if many of you know this but, I am glad to say that Kanye West single handily may be responsible for a lot of young people knowing about Black history; and inroduced us to the acceptance of self as a whole.

 His entire first album ‘The College Dropout’ shined a new light on Hip Hop. No longer was Hip Hop catering to the thug, the ‘I’m so broke I gotta rob’ person, or the Pimp. Kanye West brought Hip Hop to the young, fly, intellectual type that one has one swipe left on the metrocard, and too many places to go. He made it so the black kids that had the balls to finish high school and go to College, and dream big of themselves have something to listen to; whether they finished school or not. Kanye reminded us that we are in a class of our own simply because of our thought process.

I believe his music at once point catered to the Revolutionary, the Creative, The Hip Hop Lover, the Fly Sexy People with 9-5’s that are grinding hard, waiting to quit that job and follow their hearts, and so many other Beautiful people. He brought these types of folks music they can relate to, being unmotivated, and stuck in your conditions was no longer cool. No one wanted to brag about a morally poor lifestyle. Kanye raised the bar.

Kanye made it fly to be intelligent, awake, and Black all at the same time. Well… at least that’s how it was when he first came out. Unfortunately, he too is overwhelming himself with the bullshit that is “New Music” I’d like to say. New Music: Music to feed your hormones, and has nothing to do with your head. However, the new Kanye West is someone that I am not concerned with dwelling on or talking about. I’d rather pay homage to the Artist that he once was. I’m sure he is still the same man, and has the same views. He just doesn’t speak to the people the way he use to. The “New Music” is only for people who disrespect Men and Women, and don’t see the importance of Music in the Black Community, and all communities as a whole.

It’s okay, Kanye.
I think your still kind of cool, because you inspired me to bring forth this new section on STREETPOETSNYC Official Blog!

 Kanye, thank you for ‘The College DropOut’, and especially ‘Late Registration’ and the latest shit you dropped with Jay was fire as well.

Yes, We still on your old shit tho, Yo old shit make your new shit look like Precious, Lol. Anyway!

People come visit us here on the website from all over the world, weekly and one thing that many of the folks have in common is the fact that they can read. So, I figured it would be great to give you something worth wild to read about! On the Yeezy Taught Me section of StreetPoetsNYC.com, we will learn!

Yes my brothers and Sisters, it is I,  the Street blogger that will be bringing the knowledge right to you, on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. Stay tuned to the BLOG! Which can be found in the Menu at the top right.

I will be posting biographies in this #YeezyTaughtMe section about Poets, Writers, Revolutionaries, and overall Artist to the site from the past (1999 and earlier). This is a great way for us to learn about the Aritsts  that came before us, to learn and build on our art, as well as appreciate their hard work. It’s also a lot of fun to learn new things, you’d be surprised with the ideas that you’ll come up with when you learn and analyse the ideas and actions of those who came before you, now you can make less mistakes and see more and sooner.

Some of these ELITE STREET POETS mentioned in the #YeezyTaughtMe section you will know, and some of the names you will not know! That’s the fun part! You get to hop on the web, type in STREETPOETSNYC.com, roll up a cigar, and inhale the clouds of inspiration from the past. The people that paved the way for us to be here. Feel free to respond to any of the blast from the past!

Who else would you like to see featured on Yeezy Taught Me? Email us at fbmtsociety@gmail.com and let us know!

Peace Family


9 thoughts on “Learn Our Story. Welcome To Yeezy Taught Me #YeezyTaughtMe

  1. My name is Tunde Dike a.k.a ThickCode a spoken word poet from West Africa.My dream since my childhood days is to rebuild our Beloved Africa and reduce the level of poverty because poverty is a terrorist in Africa and it has killed so many beautiful African dreams.But when I dropped out of school I picked up my pen and pad as a revolutionary weapon to fulfil my dream.
    Poetry is the power within my reach to erase the dark cloud over the third world and ignite the blue sky.The world is now a global village and I want to be seen and heard.Poverty must die in Africa and the children of Africa must live a fulfiled life….
    I am happy about the streetpoetsnyc.com for your positive impact in the black community.I believe that one day I will grab mic and express my thought on your Open Mic
    “powerful is a lifestyle” I strongly believe… God bless.One mic can save the world.
    Yours truly,


    1. Greetings fellow STREET POET. I thank you for your encouragement. It does my heart good to know that we are lifting up each other to be able do better and make positive changes for the people. I send AFRICA all of my love and appreciation. Continue to be as Powerful as you are,and I write that with great sincerity. It is time for us to do just as you are doing; being accountable for the actions of others that affect our people and make it different. Poverty is a terrorist all over the world, but because of people like yourself, and the people all over the world that think just like the BOTH of us, we will win. Keep writing, stay focused on the power this is your pen. Sometimes, I even forget myself and become discouraged but thank you. You changed my day, and I’m going to continue the light that you’ve shared with me. As Poets we have a responsibility to our people and our land, and we must do all we can do in anyway that we can help to shed light on the things that we need! We can not survive without each other. Unfortunately here in the states, they teach us to be so individualistic that we have a hard time coming together.

      This is where we come in You and Me, We are both Street Poets and we have to save MILLIONS! Lol. Sounds crazy but it’s possible through generations of deprogramming and re-educating. FOR NOW…we write.

      If there is anything that I can do to help ANY of your efforts (Community or Poetry) please let me know! I’m human and regular just like you. My name is Shadel. I’m under 25, I’m not rich in capital by a long shot, but I’m wealthy in Love. . I am a Poet by the name of Hrsh Reyalitee. Powerful is a lifestyle. We both live it. Much Love to you ThickCode :-)

      – Hrsh Reyalitee
      CEO/Founder Street Poets NYC


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