“What Is Self Love?” for the fried-urban mind (article)

Peace Freedom Warriors. What does every Born and Breed New Yorker need right now (transplants, your guests… I’m not sorry) more than anything? A clear head that’s as effective as a cup of coffee. Now if you identify as a narcissist, this read isn’t for you.

We are overwhelmed on a daily basis with ideas that do not belong to us. The Great Poet, Saul Williams has an incredible poem entitled “Beliefs” and it touches on this entirely. His poem touches on the idea that we are bombarded with ideas that are not apart of our original thought pattern. Ideas about social norms, success, love, and relationships of all sorts, that were given to us that may not necessarily make sense or may no longer fit in the future that we are attempting to create while getting over our sadness, frustration and fears.

I personally believe that only Love and Fear exists; and there are tons of words that are parallel to describe and further explain these two vibes; Love & Fear. Our usual frustration and sadness comes from our doubts and worries; which are all connected to fear. The same doubts and worries that only live and exist through our thoughts and beliefs, but exist nonetheless.

Why are our doubts and fears so powerful? Well the simple answer is, we believe them. We often show love to others with more ease because it is easier to show and express love to others. The same love that you can not or do not know how to give to yourself. Now before we move forward we must define for ourselves the difference between self love and taking care of our responsibilities. Paying your bills is taking care of your responsibilities, but remembering to pay yourself first with a nice meal at your favorite restaurant without going broke is self love.

So, now it is time to change our thought pattern. We would love to believe that with this change we will immediately receive money and the desires of our dietary dreams because Food is Love, but not just yet. This is more like the steps to take before you can send the bat signal out for our desires to be met.

Well, why is that self love is such a difficult task for some of us. Well, for most of our 20 something and 30 something year old lives we’ve been taught ways to remain in control or to have no control. We’ve been taught all the wrong things about our own self image, our own religious beliefs, and more. We were being taught ideas that we had no choice but to take in and this could have happened up until we were 18, 19, and 20 for some. So we have to invest the same time or as much as possible to undo all of this and learn anew. Enjoy the juice below.

– The Street Blogger

What Is Self love?

Self-love refers to the act of valuing one’s own happiness and well-being. Self-love is a kind of acceptance that can be described as an unconditional sense of support and caring and a core of compassion for the self. It might also be considered a willingness to meet personal needs, allow non-judgmental thinking, and view the self as essentially worthy, good, valuable, and deserving of happiness.

Why Is Self Love important?

Self-love is considered to be an important component of self-esteem and overall well-being. It is generally difficult, if not impossible, to feel content without first being able to love and accept the self. Researchers have discovered that the practice of self-love is associated with a multitude of benefits, such as greater life satisfaction, increased happiness, and greater resilience.

People with high levels of self-compassion have been shown to often be able to overcome difficult life events, such as divorce, with more ease than those who are harder on themselves. The ability to affirm oneself has also been associated with improved problem-solving abilities and decreased procrastination, because it can help individuals recognize the effects of negative habits and behaviors (such as procrastination) without leading to a thought pattern that is excessively negative.

The risk of developing mental health issues such as depressionanxiety, and perfectionism can also be decreased through the practice of self-love. This practice can also increase one’s optimism and may be helpful for stress reduction, especially in the face of various life challenges.

Self-love can also lead to improved relationships. The idea that a person should practice self-love before attempting to pursue the love of others is one that is accepted by many, and research has shown that practicing self-love and self-compassion is likely to improve well-being in the context of interpersonal relationships. People who have self-compassion and practice self-love generally report feeling happier and more authentic in their relationships, and thus, they may be better able to assert their needs and opinions. Further, those who practice kindness and compassion on a personal level first may be better able to show kindness and compassion to others and are generally more likely to do so, as the ability to care for and love one’s self generally indicates that one will experience a greater capacity to love and care for others.

It is generally considered to be normal for people to have periods in which they feel better about themselves and periods in which confidence and self-esteem wane. After failing at an important task, for example, one may question personal ability and self-worth. Self-love is considered to be an ongoing act, rather than a constant state. For many people, it takes effort, attention, and mindful attempts to practice self-compassion and affirm and accept oneself.

“Self-love is the continual process of surrendering to and honoring the way God designed me.” – Anonymous


Hrsh Reyalitee


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