Welcome to the Event Section: These events are produced by the Collective Members. At any time you can place orders for T-shirts or Hoodies if your size isn’t available onsite. All Events at $10 before 9 pm, and $20 after. Thank you for support and we are excited about your experience, so much so we would love for you to purchase a shirt or hoodie as memorabilia.

HRSH REYALITEE PRESENTS: THE MIDNIGHT TRAIN ONLINE OPEN MIC. All You Need Is A YouTube Account, and if you do not have a youtube account, you can watch it here on on the homepage this friday January 20th. This is a private stream, so only those who RSVP or visit this website will be able to join in.

if you would like to perform email me at




Let’s link up:

Poems (Audio/Video/Written)

Street Poets NYC official blog (IG: @streetpoetsnycforlife )

Event Photos


25 thoughts on “Events

  1. FALLING RAIN MOON -MOON MOON MOON -MOON MOON MOON -MOON MOON MOON -MOON MOON MOON -MOON MOON -MOON Falling -Fallingdrops Fallingdropsof Fallingdropsofrain’ -Fallingdropsofraininspire’ Fallingdropsofraininspireme Fallingdropsofraininspiremeto -Fallingdropsofraininspiremetoflow ‘ Fallingdropsofraininspiremetoflowtoo ‘ -\\\ \\\\ -Down \\\ -Down Down -\\ -Down -Down \ Down -Down -/ Down DOWNTo the depths of truth.Where the tides of eminoots,Dance in harmony with the moon,In union with her feminine cycles,Of marked change.Opening to Her Light,Receiving it in,Through love, I expand my connection . . .With Her.

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  2. Hi, I’m 26 I’ve been writing spoken word pieces for many years, sharing in the privacy of close friends and family shying away from exploring my talents fully however I’ve been told to broaden my horizons and so I’ve sought out SP and would love the opportunity to work with someone to help develop and hopefully perform.

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  3. I just had one of the most amazing experiences of my VOCAL life…pristine unadulterated geniune acceptance, mostly of self…….Thanks for the opportuntiy to share an oulet with so many positive and talented people…… a safe and humbling atmosphere………i look forward to future events and possible endeavors…..I feel like I’ve discovered a new home…..Blessing

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  5. Hey this website needs to be updated !!! I would love to know about any events or open mic nights !!! I never shared my poems to a room full of strangers but it’s on my list to do !!!


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