Little Big Things in NYC respond to seeing Street Poets on the Train in NYC #StreetPoetryReview

I love it, I found this today and it brought so much joy! Someone writing about random poetry on the subway. I mean, what more can I ask for! Thank you for taking out your headphones and giving us a listen. Read and enjoy! Maybe I’ll see you on the train next time I’m spitting that good poetry to the people! Click the “street poets nyc” link beow to read article or read what I copied and pasted.

Article Begins: Commuting back and forth to work every day by subway, you gain the ability to create an imaginary bubble around yourself to isolate and block out what is going on and who is around you.  Your bubble blocks out the snoring, the singers and the loud talking passengers.  Within your bubble, you are able to immerse yourself into your email, your Candy Crush and your book.  Your bubble’s shell is so thick that even the peddlers are unable to penetrate it.

Once in a while, something or someone will break through.  It happened to me early in the week.  In my case, it wasn’t immediate.  It took a few seconds of hearing some loud voices for my mind to say, “hey wait, they are saying something worth listening to!”

At first it sounded like another individual preaching and my bubble did its job of blocking her (@HRSHREYALITEE) out.  It wasn’t until a second voice heard on the other side of me began his (@supethedude) “preaching” that I WANTED to listen. It was brilliant.  It reminded me of when Russell Simmons produced Def Poetry Jam on HBO years ago.  These two individuals were rapping about everyday challenges that they have endured in their life.  I was really struck by it.  I was impressed and moved by their talent and their lyrics.

It wasn’t until the end of their performance that they mentioned they are a part of a group called Street Poets NYC and more specifically their “Poetry in the Subway”.  Rushing home, I researched exactly who these folks are.  Hrsh and The Dude perform and work to educate the youth and rebuild their communities.  They use their Open Mic nights as an avenue for emotional release and to connect with others in a peaceful manner.  They travel to schools and community organizations informing the youth that there is another way to open up and discuss their issues.

In my mind, these 2 are truly Little Big Things in NYC.  Don’t wait to run into them on the subway, check out their next show January 30th at 277 Malcolm X Blvd in Brooklyn.  This is a free private underground event for the release of Hrsh’s sophomore project. To RSVP, email

I hope to see you there! – Little Big Things In NYC

You need to be following me right here! Subscribe to right now! Spiritual Podcasts, Poem Finds, Online Open Mics and more! The weekly private open mic goes down every friday night right here on, and you can watch it from the home page or my youtube channel! All of the readings are down and sent out! Thank you for understanding that my weirdose podcast is directly attached to my willingness to share oracle readings. I am working on my next video, but I am proud of this poem and how it reflects the times. I am proud of the love and peacei t brings, and all of the negativity that is repells from all of us never to return. This is because with awareness, darkness flees and creativity lives fully in Love and Self Acceptance! so enjoy the video and don’t forget to get your SPACE T-shirt and/or hoodie before summer hits! This hoodie will let the enemy know, that you are on the side with creativity and love! Tell em!

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