KnowledgeFind: Pastor Joe L. Parker – Power

Here is another click of this amazing Preacher giving us a lesson about “Power”; video posted below. Pastor Parker was an incredible man, I am honored to have been in his presence. I am getting great feed back about these knowledge finds. I am honored that we have so much in common, and we are all so complex and be to enjoy all of the aspects that Life shows us and gives us through Nature. In dark places, have joy and don’t let no one blame you is just a apart of what he will remind us of in this sermon. THIS is church, this is real life Black People Type Church. This is real life BAPTIST preaching. It’s the sauce, it’s a dance, it’s a swag. It’s how they wear their JOY. So, EnJOY. We all praise the Most High and show gratitude to NATURE at the end of the day, we just do it in diferent ways.

Rev. Parker always talked about Joy. Real Talk.

You need to be following me right here! Subscribe to right now! Spiritual Podcasts, Poem Finds, Online Open Mics and more! The weekly private open mic goes down every friday night right here on, and you can watch it from the home page or my youtube channel! All of the readings are down and sent out! Thank you for understanding that my weirdose podcast is directly attached to my willingness to share oracle readings. I am working on my next video, but I am proud of this poem and how it reflects the times. I am proud of the love and peacei t brings, and all of the negativity that is repells from all of us never to return. This is because with awareness, darkness flees and creativity lives fully in Love and Self Acceptance! so enjoy the video and don’t forget to get your SPACE T-shirt and/or hoodie before summer hits! This hoodie will let the enemy know, that you are on the side with creativity and love! Tell em!


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