I.M. MC x Cito Blanko-Joint Acapella (Spoken Word)

The following video, please exercise your patience because you need to get the jewels being DROPPED! Don’t be shy, make sure you follow @CitoBlanko because the brother is REAL.

 Happy Monday! Today I encourage you to let go and let it flow because that is the only way to get all that you desire. Let’s be more specific, shall we? When it comes to making money. Focus less on money and more on how the money will be acquired.

Weird huh? No? Glad you don’t think so. See when you focus on how the money will be acquired, you start to realize the standards that you have or may not have as far as acquiring the money we all so desperately chase at some point in our lives. Once you come face to face with your standards or your lack of standards..things change. Yo! Hrsh Reyalitee is in Los Angeles working her ass off in the name of Freedom, Love, and Poetry. I just need y’all to know that! As you know we always take the summer off, but she will be back in September for something we’ve not….seen yet. Love you like God told me my life depended on it. PEACE. -The Street Blogger. 


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