Rhythm And Blues is still alive. Steph LdaVoski ‘All I Need’ Review (Video)

Peace Powerful People!
There are times when the Weekly Discovery playlist that spotify cooks up for us is super on point but needs to have more of our friends on it, right? Wrong! This is what I am here for my Love. Let’s keep this independent, baby.
Now, it is extremely ignorant to believe that good music does not exist because that is just is not the case. Major media has create a market from our dreams so they can…sell us just that, dreams! Dreams that may not be in alignment with our vision or beliefs. Rather they sell us dreams that will go against that completely, hence the quality of mainstream music delivered to the darker communities in America. I say this to remind you that what you see isn’t always all that you can get. Let’s move on…
Steph LdaVoski is an emcee as well as a vocalist. His delivery is rather unique and not in the sense that he is bringing love to the forefront, because LOVE is and will always be in the front. This artist is unique in his approach to the ‘thug teddy bear’, real love soul music that preserves the mannerisms of a strong black man with a voice like midnight that appreciated the hell out of his woman. Don’t say I didn’t warn you..enjoy. -The Street Blogger
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