Return To Sender – @HrshReyalitee: Message #2558647

Good Morning Powerful People. This week has been filled with love, renewal, and lots of fast food although I am not excited to admit it. I would like to show gratitude to everyone who has been checking out the site. There is nothing wrong with taking a moment and saying Thank You! I do have … More Return To Sender – @HrshReyalitee: Message #2558647

“How Do We Lift Our Vibration?” #HrshReyalitee πŸŒŸ

I greet you with Love and vibezzz, Powerful People. Ain’t nothin’ perfect yet again, we can all agree that is a wonderful time to be alive! Although right now many are concerned about the condition of the economy and the Country as a whole. I would like to zoom in and make room for us … More “How Do We Lift Our Vibration?” #HrshReyalitee πŸŒŸ

Don’t be afraid of no Demon Part 2 llπŸ”₯ #Streetpoetsnyc πŸ”₯

Here is part two!! Tha k you for subscribing to the channel! Thank you! Thank you! Tha k you! Donations are also still accepted. This is part two!! Let’s get to it!! I am posting these videos after they are on YouTube but that isn’t always the case so subscribe to this blog and to … More Don’t be afraid of no Demon Part 2 llπŸ”₯ #Streetpoetsnyc πŸ”₯