#PoemFinds MetaPoetic – ‘Racial Battle Fatigue’ Poem ⚡️💯#subscribe to the #YouTube @Metapoetic ðŸ’¥

MetaPoetic is a long time Heavy hitter is the Poetry community. With the voice of thunder MetaPoetic takes us on rides with openbooks, rushing the ink from unused pens to keep up! Metapoetic, Creatively Yours. Check out the Poet. Youtube, Instagram: @Metapoetic

“How Do We Lift Our Vibration?” #HrshReyalitee ðŸŒŸ

I greet you with Love and vibezzz, Powerful People. Ain’t nothin’ perfect yet again, we can all agree that is a wonderful time to be alive! Although right now many are concerned about the condition of the economy and the Country as a whole. I would like to zoom in and make room for us … More “How Do We Lift Our Vibration?” #HrshReyalitee ðŸŒŸ