Reset -Hrsh Reyalitee (Poem)

We are the Mysteries… Unfolded quickly like dirty dollar bills. Hurried to be handed over in exchange for what we named freedom. We come from behind the veil. Like a bride… Holding the keys to the grooms release. We are the grip of her roses… Holding on by the roots, protected by its thorns. Confusing … More Reset -Hrsh Reyalitee (Poem)

#WeirdosePodcast There is No Theft + Schumann Resonance (Article) #TriggerWarning

Happy Monday Powerful People! Yesterday the Schumann Resonance spiked! The Schumann Resonance measures the frequency of the planet. When the frequency is low so are the bars on the resonator. The factors that determine whether the pipes are high or low on the resonance is the mass of the planet. Things like large building change … More #WeirdosePodcast There is No Theft + Schumann Resonance (Article) #TriggerWarning

Unplug The Stopper. -Hrsh Reyalitee (Poem)

Allow my heart to speak. Speak heart…And don’t lay on pagesMaking me unable to turn them. Reflect the power I needAnd strap meWith hopeAnd a witness. Speak heart…A few waistlines have been left by the wayside,And baselines have replaced these emotions of mine. But unplug the stopper,Take down the leevees.Flush out stagnation and give me … More Unplug The Stopper. -Hrsh Reyalitee (Poem)

KnowledgeFInds: Dr. Mumbi Speaks On The New Alert System Added to the UK that is already in the US. (Video) #PowerfulIsALifestyle

Peace Powerful People! Dr. Mumbi has hit us with another one! This time she is talking about some major tea. There will be some sort of alarm sounded in the UK, and it will potentially takeover all their mobile phones? Let’s check this one out! We definitely support Dr. Mumbi. She is speaking on the … More KnowledgeFInds: Dr. Mumbi Speaks On The New Alert System Added to the UK that is already in the US. (Video) #PowerfulIsALifestyle

🔥🔥Human Nature vs. Capitalism🔥🔥 (Video +Outline+Timestamps)

Ladies and gentlemen, I really took time with this video. This video has Timestamps and a outline. Yes,I am proud of myself 🤣🤣. This video is a lecture. This video is important. We are only here for support and I am glad to have you with me on my journey back to Nature. Poetry is … More 🔥🔥Human Nature vs. Capitalism🔥🔥 (Video +Outline+Timestamps)