Freedom Warriors Workshop: part 2 Entering 5D to thrive in 3D + Intro to the Mish (video)

This is the second video of the workshop. We just spent the past week! The entire week! Playing the first video over and over! Developing notes and applying our own science to our life. Passing on knowledge and information! Let’s make this video count. Part 2!!! SUGGESTED ARTICLES:  **Weirdose Podcast S1:E8**

Emmanuel Da Prophet – Holy Steppin FLAMES!!! (VIDEO)

Nothing gets me more excited nowadays than finding more Freedom Warriors. Everyday we are finding that we are getting further from the lies and closer to the truth . This is where we will prosper in abundance instead of drowning in materialism and lies. So excited to hear this BOP! When I saw it on … More Emmanuel Da Prophet – Holy Steppin FLAMES!!! (VIDEO)