🌟Thursday Nov 10th!🌟Share this with Students 18+‼️

We are 11 days away from Den Therapy!!! I want you to show your support even if you aren’t in NYC, share this flyer with Art Livers, Poetry Lovers and the like!!! Maaaan, you need to find your way to Brooklyn on a Thursday night!!!! The video below! Check it! Share it!! Let’s go!!!

New Message Alert!/Hit The Like Button, Youtube!

This is a glorious time to be alive. Its like a premiere taking place all over the world that you do not want to miss!! Click here to check out the message. The direct link to the message that can be shared: https://hrshreyalitee.wordpress.com/2021/03/22/message-9614/ Lets connect on Instagram & Youtube just click the links to subscribe … More New Message Alert!/Hit The Like Button, Youtube!