FTCK x #TheeOpenMic x Sept 30th

See, knowing the story of the Artist is important! Listening to how Tremaine, the brains behind FTCK (Fuck The Cool Kids) developed the name of her brand was a complete inspiration to all to heard. She will be joining us with her brand on Friday September 30th at #TheeOpenMic. I will not spill the beans! … More FTCK x #TheeOpenMic x Sept 30th

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Power Moves X Sherifa X BU-Clothing

Sherifa. Sherifa is Powerful because she is a living example for her peers, and those who are coming up next. Thank God She got right now. Connect with this Power House Now!  Twitter Connect with Black N Ugly and Get Your Outfit tight. Official BU Clothing website – Official STORE – Facebook – Twitter What is BU-Clothing? Bu short for #blacknugly is a … More Power Moves X Sherifa X BU-Clothing


YAKITOKO FACEBOOK – TWITTER – YAKITOKO ONLINE So I would say we are some pretty fashionable people. Although I love my thift shop weekends, and rip sh*t up Summers, I love to support independent designers such as BlackListedThreads.com and Yakitoko.com! Why? I don’t know the people that make the clothes in the mall that run regular … More YAKITOKO X STREET POETS NYC X LINGALA #FASHION