Proof Rap Music is destroying your Electromagnetic Field and changing your DNA through Low Frequencies #TriggerWarning

This topic is very important; all frequency us measured in Hertz and knowing this will help us understand that we are NOT dealing with an emotional situation. We are dealing with a situation that is changing our emotions. Frequencies that are low that you are willingly welcoming into your energy field will drastically destroy your DNA. I could go on and on, however I left all the information that you need below. The photographic info below shows the frequency of hip hop/rap music. The second photo shows the frequency of Classical music. We all know they both bring us different vibes, but it’s not all under our control. These are programmed vibes, as we are programmed by the Creator or we give ourselves to lower frequencies. Change now! I believe that the energy will get so dense for those with a low vibration, that people will soon begin to not be able to move at all. Get moving! Peace Peace! Thank You For Your Donations. I truly hope this information can change someone’s life, and raise their vibration.


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