Harsh Reality. -Hrsh Reyalitee (Poem)

Holdin it down like baby Jesus and allah. 

Making magic like wallah, drove clear through the fire to this park bench, watching all the nonsense.

Heartless to the process they’re wanting me to digest.

Hop in my car and proceed to roll and spark.

Giving demons time to spare before i demolish their guards.

I stay parked by the park with my hands in my lap watching my prey, like Sunday morning I clap back at wild nigga strays. 

Money can’t pay, or delay, a warriors gaze.

 That thought is only a phase. Lame cats be goin through it.

While I’m ten toes stuntin’ ..walking tall and never running.

Setting up portraits in America’s insane asylum, wearing my hard bottoms.

While governments are boasting humans, I’ve been studying sittin in institutions.

Since the womb, this walk of life was my welcomed dome.

I learned from the crack smells in my mother’s room.

The lies my father would groom.

My Wisdom’s a venomous snake but my loves a sun flower, the space I need to bloom..I take it and demand you give me room.

-Hrsh Reyalitee

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