I Taught Enough About Spirituality and Demons, I will NOT be teaching Tarot. Lol. #WeirdosePodcast

Let’s consider this written entry an entire episode of the Weirdose Podcast? Cool. There is a video down below that I recorded and I Want you to check it out after reading this written portion of the post. I truly believe that being knowledgeable about the Spiritual Reading Community and a Reader as well could been seen as obvious. Why wouldn’t someone talk to the stars if they can talk about being protected from demons? However, I feel the need to make this loud and clear; I will NOT be teaching Tarot. However, I am fully down for getting you a reading, and having a one on one with you. I will be posting more on this and I will just let my style be, and I am sure that you will pick up on it soon enough. So this may be my disclaimer for you to get more connected with who you are, and you will begin and end with Nature.

Getting closer to Nature, and listening to other humans share their experience with Nature, and allow yourself to build.

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The Catalog for the Weirdose Podcast: Sometimes, we only need one who is willing to hear us out. Weirdose Podcast Season 1.

I am loving this poem and this video more and more with every push of the play button. Join me would you? Thank you most importantly for sharing this video with friends and family. I thank you in advance for your donations. This cashapp is also available to accept donations for Oracle readings as well. Cashapp: $Streetpoetsnyc

If you want a reading email me: Fbmtsociety@gmail.com


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