What is a Moon Sign?

Aquarius Moon video below. Your moon sign irepresents how you see yourself. This aspect is an extremely important placement when looking at compatibility since it tells you how you can feel emotionally secure. If your moon sign is in the same element (Fire, Water, Earth, or Air) or is the same modality (Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable) as your partner’s, it helps you understand each other. click here for a personal reading.

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What the moon signs need to nurture themselves and feel comfortable:

  • Moon in Fire signs: Attention, adventures, a partner or friends who care as much as you do
  • Moon in Earth signs: Work, routine, stability
  • Moon in Air signs: Intellectual stimulation, new things, social interaction
  • Moon in Water signs: Alone time, caretaking

This was recorded February 20th 2023, Aquarius Moon


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