#WeirdosePodcast Feature: “How To Remove Heavy Metals From Your Body”-One Ministries

Heavy Metals are no stranger to our vocabulary, however they aren’t spoken specifically about as much as it should be. Heavy Metals are elements such as Mercury, Fluorides, and Oxides. These types of elements are usefully for almost everything except being inside of your house (the body). Now that it is the perfect time to clean house watch this video and see how to remove these types of toxins from your body. (Youtube.com/OneMinistries)

As I’ve mentioned in other episodes that words are spells, words with a mixer of heavy metals and food toxins are the perfect mixture to believing in your anxiety. When searching for the ingredients it is best to find organic products. If you can not find organic products this is not a problem because there is no way to say that organic is truly organic in the first place. Your best bet is to remember the facts and clean your system. Watch this video! As this gentleman gives out amazing information, a great demonstration, and wonderful participation from his family.

It was interesting that he mentioned that “Baccine”, because it is all over town about the heavy metals that can be found in it. However, there is so much hope! If you took the “Baccine”, have no worries and keep cleaning, beloved. Perfect was never a prerequisite for anything, and we will not start acknowledging that false standard now. Let me give you some supporting facts; the Planet that we are on does an amazing job cleaning itself and us everyday. Let this is a doctrine and discipline that we follow as humans! We can clean ourself, no matter the mess! Nature is our proof that statement is entirely factual.

I follow Dr. Sebi and his suggestions and he says no celery. As for the rest of the ingredients, it was a bit easier for me because I had most of the ingredients on hand already, so my trip to the store did not go over $15. Bitters from whole food markets and mom and pop shops are also beneficial. Please keep in mind everything that Dr. Sebi taught us! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already done so. B-) Mad Love.


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