#NewVideo Weirdose Podcast: Winter ❄️ Update part 2 ❤️💡✔️ #WinterTips #Spirituality

So we are clearly in for a winter to remember and I want to say that in the best way so I will share this second round of winter talk. I love this time that we are experiencing as humanity. Many think it is scary but I disagree. These are times our kind has never even, but it will change the world as we know it drastically. Even more so than it already has, there is so much more in store for us all. But isn’t it lovely that life is about more than your failures? Unsurity? And brief moments to refresh and prepare for the next wave of life hits?

Life has truly shown us it’s spiritual side. The truth behind the money chase. I am excited to have myself prepared as I can be, and share tools with you. So check the video, this is very important. We have had many lives lost while interacting with Nature. We have to increase our respect for Nature immediately and more according to the trees. Sometimes..that means not at all.


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