Weirdose Podcast: Season 1 Episode 4: How To Practice Manifestation + Dashcam (Video)

As you know we are going through every episode of the Weirdose Podcast, as Spiritual warfare is becoming more obvious and people are getting more interested in getting rid of the pain. The only was to do so is through healing and restoring themselves to Nature! So roll up, pour up, paint up! Do whatever is not traumatizing to you! Trauma is what you feel you need to get away from. Enjoy! Stay happy! Remain a Warrior. You know I have to keep you up to do with poetry so Poetry is definitely here! keep scrolling after the Weirdose Podcast lesson.

The Next Live Event in Brooklyn, New York will be January 5th; 7p-12 midnight, this event begins on time. This is where you will experience THEE OPEN MIC. The finest Poets in Brooklyn, as well as a Open Discussion on topics such as Healing. The address is 1119 Broadway Brooklyn, New York 11221, the admission is $10 before 9pm. There will be an open bar from 7p-9p, and we always keep the smoking section on deck. To get more information email me at

– Hrsh Reyalitee a.k.a. #FreedomWarrior313

Thank You For Enjoying this lesson and this LOVE, stay tuned for the next episode. We are growing together while in secret. Now it’s Poetry Time.


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