Chris Garcia spittin’ truth on his #LIVE

Chris Garcia; he is a praying man, and every video I watch I do not watch with religion eyes. I watch in the same way that you do, I take in the points that I know are needed and beneficial to my spiritual growth “aka” my connection with Nature. Religion is a great wall that is being brought down with even greater force and strength. Religion is no longer holding us back from the beauty of nature!

The means of spiritual attacks are nothing compared to the glorious connection that we all are seeking with the Creator of the Universe, Starts, Lions, and Roaches. We are letting the cat out the bag in more ways than one. We are no longer going to be held back by the generational cursing that are taking over other peoples lives. We are making the connection with Nature more attractive everyday, and through these attraction vibes that The Most High Creator are showing to all of us, as in everyone on the planet, the truth will be mainstream knowledge. Not mainstream like the media, mainstream like ‘keeping bags on the side of the fridge or under the sink”. It will be something that we all just know and understand, without being told but by our observations.

We will not be held back by the lack of healing being done by others, not their projections. The main point behind this statement is the fact that it is not fear they are through at us. It is their own reality that will always have and always have to live through until they make the mighty decision to change for the betterment of themselves.

There is nothing more powerful than the Most High Creator, the Creator and Innovator of Creativity. Now, creativity is calling us and many of us are not only answering, but referring others to Creativity through our vibe, our example of the benefits that Creativity bring and we are doing so with this attractive Natural vibe that has nothing to do with hiding our true selves. A Authentic vibe that has nothing to do with how much money we have. Many of our accounts from growing from negative balances while we are trying to attract already dollar bill millionaire to true luxury. Listen to this video, and listen without religious ears. Listen while knowing who made all of this; all of us.


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