‘Even The Sky’ – Poem by Mark Anthony Thomas (video)

I love it when my people talk about ‘they people’ in a light that shines the glory of God on us. His voice reminded me of sitting in those smokey cafe’s back in the day before the world changed from what we knew it to be to what we it is now.

The next Weirdose Podcast will be dropping soon. Thank you to everyone who has been tuning in and keeping up to date. I hope you’ve applied pressure to your obstacles as far as how you feel about it. Not letting it bring you don’t but setting yourself apart from those problems and noticing that you are your own entity.


**Weirdose Podcast S1:E8**

**Hrsh Reyalitee**

**Z-Ro feat. Nino Brown**

**We Move. Poetry by Joseph D Poet**

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