How To Master Your Thinking Pattern

It is such a wonderful time to be alive, Powerful People. Thank you for subscribing to the YouTube channel ( I don’t only want people to follow my channel on YouTube, there are some amazing YouTubers who are out here sharing the knowledge and fulfilling their purpose on this Earth. Helping themselves and the people get closer to the truth.

There is so much knowledge to be had and shared, be open and honest with your process of connecting. This isn’t just a one interpretation of God fits all journey. There are so many facets of God, embrace everything that makes you better, more healed, and more willing to submit to the Most High Creator.

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**Weirdose Podcast S1:E8**

**Z-Ro feat. Nino Brown**

**We Move. Poetry by Joseph D Poet**


“Please Forgive” poem by Econzi Musa (Spoken Word/Poetry)

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