The real behind T.I. and Tiny

(Scroll down for the video) The best part of this video is when the gentlemen agreed that the so-called Elite are tired of black people playing both sides; I agree. Although it is a fantastic idea to think you can infultrate a system that has more resources than you by first conforming.

(Check out hrshreyalitee/hrshreyalitee for poems and music vibes)

What Prince harry did for his family and future is exceptional and break chains because he did not conform to a royal atmosphere, it was his birth right. So he rebelled without conforming and it was successful.

T.I. and Tiny, and others in the hip hop musoc industry first confirm to the ways of evil in hopes to bring peace to their people. It is a long, difficult, blood thirsty, and exhausting road filled with luxury and privilege. I beg you to not sell your soul. Stay true to yourself because technically when you use blood money to feed the village people, the ones who gave you the financial ability to do so will come for you; their intention is not to build your community. Technically you know this already and are comitting treason.

Enjoy the video and listen to this brothers point of view:

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