Corona Virus Come-Up (The Great restart)/ Restarting The American #Economy (Black Lives Matter) #Healing #Naturally

People of color are no strangers to living off of bare minimum. The Corona Virus pandemic has shocked the rest of the global population with limited resources out of the clear blue- like a warm fully clothed body at-rest falling into a cold pool. The national and global statistics reflect the Corona Virus pandemic to be as devastating to our economy as the great depression.

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The rich and the poor being affected by the same crisis supports the theory that; the first will be last, and the last will be first; the great restart. As of July 2020, Christianity, Islam, and Universal Spirituality are the three most popular belief systems in the world, here is evidence of this theory in all three. The Bible, Matthew 5:5 says “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

Meek is defined as a behavior characteristic synonymous with righteous, humble, teachable, a disciple, worshipper of the most high, and/or a patient under long suffering in the realm of spirituality. In the worlds view ‘meek’ is defined as a coward.


The Quran, Surah Al-Anbya 21:105 says “we have written in the Psalms, after the reminder, that the earth will be inherited by My righteous servants”. Universal spirituality says, “Life is like a sea-saw; it will go up and down, you can’t do it alone but nothing will go unbalanced (Karma)”. I hope you can see how these three points of reference refer to the history of people of color struggling globally. These people who are called ‘Black’ because of their lack of Nationality went from blazing the culture of the African-Disapora to a docile community by way of conformity. 

Now we often like to remind each other of the idea that poverty knows no color, and this is correct. The facts of these two international emergencies explain why they have no place in conference on this matter. People of color aren’t victimizing the rich nor the impoverished. People of Color are killing people in the quest of personal power. Caucasians aren’t killing people of color because they are poor; they are killing to exert their power. Who are the children of God? and who will inherit the earth?

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Solid proof of the mental and physical difference between people of color and the caucasian population does exist. However, we are all human beings; and to become an adversary to your own kind is self-destruction. This is why the great depression could have never lasted forever; and why the Corona Virus will be the greatest restart of our generation. The Great Depression and The Corona Virus have a lot in common but the number one commonality is the stock market crashing. justin-essah-19z8T8QFkGE-unsplash

The effects of the stock market crashing in 1929 mirror the damage the corona virus is causing right now in 2020, and all over the world. The solution for the great depression was the increase in demand brought by World War 2. The solution for the Corona Virus will come by way of God’s children opening the books that was once said to be the hiding  place for the truth that we would not seek. The adversary wants God’s children to believe the truth is inside of (in origin order) The Torah, The Bible, and/or The Quran.

The truth is learning to balance the current of energy that controls our mental, physical, and emotional states of being as they affect one another. Through balance people of color will use the basic financial skills of the wealthy to survive in the environment that was created for them to die in. This works best in an atmosphere where the rich has less access. Just as the Great Depression, when it comes to the Corona Virus that time is now.


When rich businesses can no longer thrive for whatever reason, they will go out of business; lose value and create a opportunity for balance within its industry. If a business do not create the opportunity for balance it creates the opportunity for financial inequality. Living in the world as we knew it pre-Corona Virus; if pencils are in high demand and capitalism is alive and well, best bet would be to work for one of the pencil companies, sell a few pencil boxes on the side, and dream big because you have a family to feed.

Times are changing now that COVID-19 is apart of our daily routine no matter our skin color or bank account balance. Pencil business aren’t accessible, they aren’t allowed physical customers, they aren’t making money, and they’e going out of business. A business that once took thousands to own and operate is worth a quarter of its earnings last year. Now with planning, focus, and lots of hard work, you are now walking in the foot steps the next pencil provider, nothing like staples because capitalism isn’t the goal, however the money will be the motive for the family you have to hold up. This will lead God’s people to the land of financial freedom.

Education itself is not the key to success because the enemy is educated with hate. Education is a noun; a person, place, or thing that must be acquired, arrived at, or seen. Education is not synonymous with successful and intelligence, also a noun is the ability to apply education and/or information itself acquired outside of oneself. Thus the key to success is enlightenment. To be enlightened is a action word, it is a descriptive word. Enlightened means something has been explained to you clearly. If it is clear, it can be explained to anyone and understood to be the truth. Enlightenment is not a person, place nor a thing. Be enlightened of the ways to financial freedom, because education will tell you to get a degree. Intelligence will allow you to apply the degree. Enlightenment makes billionaires out of good ideas.


So, Who’s world is this?

If you enjoyed this read for its content and information please check out this article regarding the link between Artists and Depression. 

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