Cuomo says Essential Workers can’t spread the virus? (Video by HRSH×THE STREET BLOGGER)

Peace Powerful People.

Today is May 1st and as you know we have been under quarantine here in New York, USA 🇺🇸 for almost 2 entire months.

As you know we are dealing with a pandemic by the name of COVID 19. At this time we can not honestly say we know when, where, or why this pandemic has affected not only America but the world in amanner where records are being broken. For example; due to the subway being flooded with homeless people seeking refuge the mta are unable to properly clean the subway to ensure the safety of our commuting essential workers. The solution is now to shut down the subway from 1a-5a beginning on May 6. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has never not been a 24 hour service.

This pandemic has put everyone in a state of fear and panic. This fear and panic has come from the large changes that have taken place and are still taking place. Since COVID-19 until date the biggest changes have been the closing down of stores, gyms, dine-in restaurants, malls, and theaters. This is due to the Shelter-In-Place order that has been mandated by the government. The mandation has closed all establishment that do not promote social distancing while not being an essential service. The shelter in place order is why millions of Americans have lost their jobs.

The Guardian has reported that over 3.8 millions Americans have lost their jobs and CNN has reported that Over 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment. I have fact checked these numbers so you have the most up to date information.

Not only is this pandemic being felt by the working class. The stock market is crashing and all New York City Schools (including private and charter schools are closed the remainder of the year). Students are being homeschooled with the virtual assistance of their New York City public school teacher and parents.

Parents have lost their job because of COVID19 exposure or because of the closing of their childs school and they are not qualified for childcare at this time due to the coronavirus.

Now that we have a full understanding that everyone in New York City with children is under great pressure. Lets get back to Cuomo’s comment “if you need a job, you can get a job. Get hired as an essential worker and you wont infect anyone”.

However if you are not an essential worker you must stay home because the spread leads to death and death is worse than not having any money. Cuomo also said that those who have filed for unemployment should give it a gew more days. The reporter mentioned to cuomo that businesses are not hiring because of the virus and his response was “yes they are”. Cuomo also mentioned that domestic violence was up and this was also not worse than death.

Now I dont want to give you my opinion. I want you to take in the information and develop an opinion of your own. Cuomo has ideas for us to survive during this pandemic and these ideas arent entirely wrong. He did mention that there is a great need to not focus on yourself but to consider all of us. However, there are some questions.

1. Well, how are essential workers not able to affect the public?

2. How would getting a job as an essential worker be a solution for tye average American who is asking for more income while the government can not supply.

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