Laws to having the blues. (Book Naked Thoughts)

Good Morning Freedom Warriors,

 First I would like to thank everyone who reaches out to me via email to share their appreciation. The texts are nice also, although I might take my number off the internet. Ha! Anyhow, today’s forecast features a lovely 87 degrees in New York City. So much reflecting is being done today on my part. I woke up this morning with my ears still ringing from the call of action I heard loud and clear before I laid my head to rest.

There has to be something worth changing for; check. There has to be something worth it to us in order for us to change. We will not just change for the sake of change itself. We will not change because we are instructed to do so. We will change because we allow ourselves to be moved, convinced, and inspired due to seeing and acknowledging the need for a change. We can apply this to school, love, our communities and especially family. Often times we burden ourselves with the freewill of others and its ability to go against our beliefs, free will, judgement. Maybe it is not as crucial for you to change your beliefs because of your discomfort, but rather change your perspective of how your beliefs are being received or not being received.

Our humanness is so impressive, so worthy of being dissected for better understanding. Not only understanding for others so they can relate and participate but for ourselves; now that we are older we completely understand why Britney Spears decided to just shave her head back in the day (just like the meme say).

“There are no more saints—
only people with pain
who want someone to blame.
Or praise.
I am one of them, of course.”

-Blue Laws, Kevin Young; a collector of poems that span the twenty years between 1995 and 2015.

I found the above poem on the internet, it is a excerpt of a poem from a book, that is on the way to me as we speak, thank you Amazon. More details about the book, below:

Blue Laws

Selected and Uncollected Poems, 1995-2015

Kevin Young

I first read Kevin Young in the first months after my father died. Young’s collection Book of Hours are poems that mourn the death of his father and celebrate the birth of his son. That juxtaposition of grief and joy spoke to my own sense of loss, and since then, Young’s poetry has been among my favorites.

In Blue Laws, Young has collected poems that span the twenty years between 1995 and 2015. To see this assemblage of work all together is to be astounded by Young’s range. He writes about love and loss on the personal level, but he also has given readers reflections on the blues; on the case of the slave ship, Amistad; and songs for the confederate dead. His Renaissance-man approach to poetry is on full display here.



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