Daylyt: The Battle Rapper Motivater (Video)

Peace Freedom Warriors,

For a few months now I have ben aware of this aritst named Daylyt, I was first introduced to him because of his motivational videos on youtube. At first you will be tempted to miss the message but please don’t! By time you see this it will be May 1st, and this video would have been up for a few days. So technically I’m in the future right now writing this and telling you that you already love this message. Basically, right?

Anyhow, this brother touches on many points. Points that will constantly keep you focused on yourself and giving love to yourself. This is excellent because when the blessed moment comes for you to deal with others you will do so as if they were you. You will love you, every moment, and every mission your heart is given on a day to day. We just gotta get through it all. Enjoy! I Love putting you on, baby! – The Street Blogger



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