Poetry Feature: ‘Bugs Of Impairment’ by Ebony Heart

Peace Freedom Warriors,

I am a member of this really awesome facebook group called “Word On The Street”. A Poet whom goes by Ebony Heart (MGM Original) is also a member and she shared a poem that hit the veins like a cure. I felt like the poem was referring to the ways of the world and the powers that be. The frustration of leaving it to God. Wishing we could take back the power that is ours, but maybe we never lost it? However, I completely felt the rage in this poem, the subtle rage. The comfort that came over the poet when she described nature handling her oppressor. “Time being wasted with words”, I interpret it as being words that we use to put an end to the war created by sadness, doubt, nay-sayers, laws that don’t help. When really only a peace of mind and belief in karma is suffice; a belief in God. Enjoy the poem, I would love to know what the Poem is truly about. I hope it finds a place in your life. Check out her poem, and also the blog. -Street Blogger

Her name is ebony love and her blog can be found HERE

Bugs of Impairment

Novice of mature interactions
Fallen into jealousy and delusionRevenge bubbles under my skin
Upsetting the very fragments of foundationsWilling to destroy every laid brick
To remove the corruption within

Destruction to everything that is
Bringing life anew sans deception

No shadows of your BS to linger in my wake
Erase memories of agitation effectively

Time has been wasted on offerings of peace
Words spew from your being of must and corrosion

Irritations that will no longer be tolerated
Wrath is in the clouds above you

Air blows up your skirt, thinking you deserve an introduction
There will be nothing here before there will be you

– MDM Original


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