This Friday Spoken Word Poetry continues to live in Brooklyn as well. Join us. (Video)

This friday we are holding our annual gathering ‘Thee Ingredient’, so that makes this volume 2! We encourage all of you to join us, as this event is yet another rite of passage, ladies and gentlemen. The details are fire. The featured Poets are fire. Thee Open Discussion will be fire. The level up is…fire. Please join us and bring your friends, hymns, and Po-ems (I may recite that Friday, only you showing up will give you the results with that). We also have the NEXT gathering in NYC lined up in the event section. I will now extend Peace to Hrsh Reyalitee and her Cali moves, and thank God for granting her the ability to be versatile with her art, and be able to travel, and create new foundations, while embracing every act of LOVE, slowly and just.
Peep the videos below of WrittenInPain & Poetic Black. Come to the event and bring the viibbeessssssssss.
-The Street Blogger 

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