“Coming Out” Written by: IG: @HrshReyalitee (Poem)

I guess now that I have a profile picture you can see who the Street Blogger is, and I guess that’s fine. Don’t trip. Anyhow, here is a Poem from Hrsh Reyalitee, it is a old piece but very new to you I am sure. I enjoy it, and I wrote it. Check out the Events page! Thank you again for supporting these energy filled events because as you can tell this is not just about performing this is about bringing a vibe, bringing knowledge, helping each other understand our Power. Understanding is the answer.


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‘#2’ Written by: Hrsh Reyalitee
 I Loved You but you loved me too much.
I wanted to love you but when we made Love. I faked Love.
I came like.. those dressed for a interview folk.
On Time. With My Shoulders straight. And often put on knees.
I felt nothing but ease for every moment When we made Love.
I made sure you were pleased because I was suppose to at least
because that’s what they told me God made me for…
to be on them all…
but I disagreed
and not because of you,
You made me feel like a Queen.
You made me feel like my vagina was the only plate that you would need.
Like… I couldn’t touch myself without being on your mind because you would let me know.
We were nasty.
It was okay.
All 6 feet and 7 inches of you inside of me felt like the position was filled.
You were hired.
Like a job, and I was up to my back in.
Fucked me like I was 20 feet tall.
I the sky and you stalked me.
We were more friends than lovers at least to me.
I just wanted to kick it most of the time.
I wasn’t faithful to you. I still don’t know how I felt about that.
I enjoyed it down to my bones when she would talk to me.
She would just make me feel like nothing else in this world.
I couldn’t put my finger on it but when she let me touch her… she and I were silent after.
We were hooked, lined, and I loved her pussy too.
After a few months she left me because of you. Then..
Long story short I left you for Me.
This is closure.


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