LVG – Been A Minute (Music Review)




Peace Powerful People! The Street Blogger here with #NewMusic and a Review! As you know is where Indie Reviews live, baby! As I mentioned, I will reivew all materials sent to, as well as music by my friends and Artist that I know who are moving and shaking, so let’s get to the music. 

The indie Emcee, LVG has finally dropped his new single, “Been A Minute”! Now that I’ve given it a listen, this is what I think of this track. First and foremost, I must commend the brother on dropping some music that a Sister can enjoy without guilt or shaming, usually its been a minute for that too. However, the indie scene does do a great job of keeping my spirits high and so does this track. I did enjoy some of his metaphors as well, because let’s be honest..that is what it is about. The producer on the beat did a great job, however I know LVG has some harder beats in store for us when the album drops. His flow, and I do mean delivery, not lyrics was a 9 out of 10, but he rode the beat proper.

Giving us this tune as a Summer hit was a good move, the track just screams summer time, as well as one for the ladies. I feel like this was strictly a tease though. I can tell this is just a taste of what he has coming up on his album. – The Street Blogger 



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