Inner City Blues Meets Inner City Solutions

Yesterday we was in the park and the was showing this big ass movie to young black men about “Why they need their father, and the struggles of living in the inner city, and being in gangs”. First of all, maybe their parents should be there to wear some of the weight they gone walk away from the park with.
Second, this is why a lot of our darker men AND WOMEN are 40 years old selling dashiki’s and batteries on 125th street unable to participate in battle against gentrification appropriately, and most importantly effectively.
I know from real life experience that since 1995 the media and the education system goes to the poor kids 10-16 and beat them in the head with the status that they have been given. It’s true… I’ve seen this shit since I was a kid, “You’re poor, but you can be great.”, “Gang violence is a problem.”, “Teen Pregnancy shouldn’t be as common as it is” and it’s usually followed by instructions or examples of how we can get away from it all. Inspirational.
They aren’t teaching self love, skills they can use in and outside the home, or gentrification; how its affecting your neighborhood, and what you and family can do to help yourselves. How to build a team, a network, and sometimes a bridge to get over some things. How to put yourself first. How to respect yourself, men and women. Why men are special, why women are special. These are all free so-called “fundamentals” to making money. These are what we usually don’t learn until later on in life for many darker people in inner city environments.
These fundamentals should come from education systems and their parents need to be able to be in the position to provide these fundamentals as well. Why are they not in that position. What is causing their balance to be…off.
We learn later in life that this world we live in based on how we see it. Our feelings motivate everything. These types of lessons are free, however the energy of the messages being received is hard to combat. It is hard to come up against because we need more of us on the same page. Peace. :-) 
I hope you have good day, bae. bae!!!
– The Street Blogger
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