New York, New York — Greetings Family, I hope all is Powerful with you also. Below is a statement from a POET in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact who was brutality beaten by the Police. I had mentioned this to you before but NOW here are some words from the man himself. I know this Poet personally. He comes through to the Den, and puts it down each and every time. First time I heard ‘Tick Tock’, I was locked in. He is a incredible gentleman and the Street Poets ride with him for sure. So that is why.

We will take the time and let you know therefore I feel like it’s only right that you share this with your friends. Don’t be okay with this. Let this piss you off, this ain’t Wisconsin, this is Brooklyn, New York. It’s happening. Let’s get angry now while he is still alive. He’s still performing. He’s still staying strong. Let’s start the hoodies now! he’s still here! If you want to throw 1,000 events and say ‘charity’, now is the time! Yo, he’s on the flyer for the Den this month! If that don’t tell you it’s home… I don’t know how much harder the boys have to hit us. -The Street Blogger

“It is by the grace of God that I still have my life. On the morning of August 12, 2012, I Luis Paulino was savagely beat by more than 15 officers of the NYPD, after bearing witness to a use of excessive on a young Latino gentleman who reminded me of my little brother. I pray to bring awareness and a voice to the people who loose their lives to this abusive use of forth by the Police Department. I was treated like a rag doll, dehumanized, and criminalized. This issue is plaguing many men of color daily. How many people must die, be beat, or placed behind bars for nothing more than being a man of color!My mother sacrificed everything so I would finish my Bachelors degree in Conflict studies at DePauw university. To graduate and loose my Job over this event has changed my life. Let this mark the beginning of a change in the way they see men of color. 
Because the presidential candidates are talking about everything but things that are currently affecting our youth I need your help. 
Please share, repost, tweet and forward this video to help me spread awareness to this injustice. I am currently seeking ways to take justice please aid me in my search. God Bless.”  – Luis Paulino, Ageless 


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